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Cattle Feed.




Moisture14% Max.
Forign Matter2% Min.
Broken2% Max
Aflatoxin20 Ppb
Packing40/50 Kg.Pp Bags Or Bulk In Container
QuantityAs Buyer Require

Product Description:

Mahasagar impex presents ace and superior quality of maize grains to its worldwide clientele. We are leading exporters of both varieties of white and yellow maize grains. Our product is wholesome and selected from the fresh crops of India. The grains are of handsome size and machine cleaned to deliver a matchless product.

More than twenty states of India are famed to produce peerless breeds of maize thus giving a very high production value. Mahasagar Impex India chooses maize breeds from the all of these states like Gujarat. Madhya Pradesh, Maharshtra , Punjab, Bihar and more by considering them as its production units to get the top-notch quality of crop.

Packed with precision the products are delivered fresh to the customers and also at economical rates. We offer you ace quality, neat packing, ornate products at cost effective prices in order to maintain a long term relationship based on satisfaction and efficacy. When you want quality at best prices look forward to us.

Used For Human Consumption Or Feed For Bird/Cattle

Guar Korma Meal

guar korma meal


guar korma mmeal2

Product Description:

We offering Guar Korma meal with reach in high protein. We have Guar Korma meal with different type of rich in Protein such as.

46 to 48 % protein
50 to 52 % protein
51 to 53 % protein

We have roasted Guar Korma which protein between 56 to 58 % maximum .

We are listed at the apex in the list of the most reputable Guar Korma Suppliers from India. The Guar Korma Animal Feed is widely demanded at the domestic fronts as well as in foreign countries as it serves as a healthy feed for the animals. The unmatched quality and high nutritional value of the Guar Gum Korma has played a vital role in the enhancement of the demand at international market. Additionally, we offer Wholesale Guar Meal at the profitable deals.


Moisture10% Max
Protein50% Max
Fiber7% Max
Fat7% Max
Ash5% Max
Packing50 Kg.Pp Bags Or 1000 Kg.Jumbo Bags Or As Buyer Require
QuantityAs Buyer Require

Gaur Churi Meal

guar churi meal2

guar churi meal


Product Description:

Guar meal is a highest protein containing animal feed in its group. It is having up to 50% of protein with a high digesting content, which improves digesting system of cows or buffaloes. As it is very high in protein it gives extra fat in its milk and also increases the quantity of milk. The by product of Guar Gum industry consisting of the guar germ material is called guar meal 50%. The Guar meal 50 after gum Extraction is a potential source of protein and contains about 50% crude protein which is two times more than the level of protein in guar seed. The protein content in guar meal 50% is well comparable with Corn Gluten Meal.


AppearanceWhite Fine Powder

Soyabean Meal




Protein50% Max
Fat1.5% Max
Moisture9% Max
Sand & Silica0.3% Max
Ash6.5% Max
Fibre3.5% Max
Metabolic Energy Value340 K. Cal / 100 gm

Rapeseed Meal

rapeseed meal1

rapeseed meal2

Product Description:

Rapeseed oil was produced in the 19th century as a source of a lubricant for steam engines. It was less useful as food for animals or humans because it has a bitter taste due to high levels of glucosinolates. Varieties have now been bred to reduce the content of glucosinolates, yielding a more palatable oil. This has had the side effect that the oil contains much less erucic acid.

Rapeseed is grown for the production of animal feed, vegetable oil for human consumption, and biodiesel; leading producers include theEuropean Union, Canada, the United States, Australia, China, and India. In India, 6.7 million tons are produced annually.  According to the United States Department of Agriculture, rapeseed was the third-leading source of vegetable oil in the world in 2000, after soybeanand palm oil; the world’s second-leading source of protein meal; and forms one-fifth of the production of the leading soybean meal.

Cotton Seed Cake

cotton Seed Cake

Product Description:

Cotton seed cakes are the semi-solid material that remains after extracting the oil from the cotton seeds. Cotton seed cake is used for cattle feed which is good source of nutrition for cattle. Our cottonseed oil cake contains a large amount of protein, oil which makes it highly desirable for animal feed in India. We manufacture and export Cotton Seed Oil Cake is the best quality available in the market.

Cotton Seed Oil Cake Uses:

  •   Animal Feeding (Cattle Feeding)



Protein20 %
Moisture Content9% Max
Fiber26% Max
Oil Content6%
ColorLight Yellow





Product Description:

Mahasagar impex catalogues A-one grade barley produced in the finest fields of India and Asia. The firm selects the best form of barley from noted crop producing fields where immaculate farming methods are implemented. The specialty lies in exporting many flawless varieties of barley to the global shores.

Both forms of barley that is pearl barley (human eatable) and regular barley (livestock feed) can be procured from us. We believe in keeping the nutritive value intact and thus wisely elect the products.

Our product sports a clean and notable size of barley chosen from the latest crop. The fresh grains are packed in manifold sized bags and contain low percentage of moisture and foreign content making it ideal for exports. Bishnoi Agro India assures non compromising quality of product and reasonable rates to keep its clients at ease.

Once the order is placed we affirm timely delivery of products by exporting the product through sailing vehicles. Matchless quality and unadulterated breeds of barley from noted Indian states are the forte of the company. Client satisfaction is our top priority so, for any further information or details feel free to contact us.


Moisture13% Max
Admixture2% Max
Broken2% Max
Foreign Matter2% Max
Damaged Kernel5% Max
Weeviled Seed2% Max
Immature3% Max
Other Food Grain2% Max
Discolour Seed2% Max
Packing40/50 Kg.Pp Bags Or Buyer Requirement
QuantityAs Buyer Require
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