Product Description

Indian is the major exporters in Wheat . Here it would also be worth mentioning that several types of products are made out of wheat. Products like Flour chakki fresh Aata, Flour for bakery use, Dalia, Maida, Missiatta and Sooji credit their existence to wheat. The importance of wheat therefore simply cannot be glossed over. No wonder it is amongst the most exported products of India.

Talking about wheat exporters India it should not come as a surprise to anyone if the most sought after name in the field of wheat exporters happen to be that of Shree Mahasagar Impex PVT LTD. What is worth noting here is that it is also one of the most notable names in the export of wheat products as well. There are several reasons that work in favor of Shree Mahasagar Impex PVT LTD and elevate it to the position of number one wheat exporter in India.

Other reasons that catapult Shree Mahasagar Impex PVT LTD to the position of number one in wheat supplier in India is the fact that they are available in most economical rate. This ensures that almost every one can enjoy this gift of nature and have it to their hearts content. Then wheat and wheat product is made available by Shree Mahasagar Impex PVT LTD in a wide variety and in different price slab.

This enables the people to select the variety according to their taste, preferences and budget. No wonder the popularity of our Group has transcended the boundaries of nations and has established itself truly as a global brand. No wonder it has become the most sought after brand around the world as far as the export of wheat or wheat related product is concerned.

The above mentioned reasons form the basis of the popularity enjoyed by Our Group and if the current popularity that it enjoys is any inkling then it can well be said that coming days would see the popularity of Shree Mahasagar Impex PVT LTD grow even more.


Moisture 12% Max.
Broken 1% Max
Forign Matter 2% Max
Purity 99% Max
Packing 40/50 Kg.Pp Bags Or Bulk In Container
Quantity As Buyer Require